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Ionian Greece

The call of Penelope

Why choose Ionian Greece?

A holiday on a sailing boat in Ionian Greece to discover the ancient islands of the Ionian Sea, considered a paradise by cruise passengers and sailors.

The splendid water and luxuriant bays will be the backdrop on every day of your holiday. Your days will pass in the relaxation, natural beauty, peace and quiet of a private gulet cruise.

In the evenings you can stroll through the characteristic and beautiful towns on the islands, along the alleys of the hamlets, dining to the rhythm of the traditional sirtaki.

The archipelago comprises seven main islands, surrounded by many other smaller islands, enchanting paradises of nature and clear seas. The island, with its mild climate, is characterised by highlands covered in forests, fragrant olive groves, vineyards and green meadows.

The weather and sea conditions are almost always favourable and allow relatively short and calm crossings on board the gulet. 

History and paradisal enchantment abound as well as territories and spots of which great poets of the past have sung the praises and that have maintained their wild beauty almost intact.

The taste of the sea and of legend

The Greek islands overlooking the Ionian Sea will be the backdrop of your next gulet cruise, travelling towards the land of Greek myths and legends.

Magnificent and impressive remains of past civilisations enrich these enchanted lands with legendary stories. Sailing and walking through what remains of the past, you will discover the wonders that the present day territory offers.

The emotion of Greece in everything you do.

The areas of navigation.

Isole Greche

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Real luxury comes from simple things. The Greek atmosphere is one of these things.

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Legend has it

Legend has it that, in Greek mythology, Ion was a brave and heroic young man.

He was the son of Durazzo (Dyrrhachus), a brave warrior who had freed the region of Dalmatia from from hideous cannibal giants, and for this reason he was hailed as king of that region.

One day, Ion and his father Durazzo, went to war.

Durazzo, fearing that he couldn’t win, sent his son over the border of the kingdom to search for allies. Ion not only succeeded in this task, but returned home with none other than the valiant and invincible Hercules, one of the most legendary mythological figures.

A violent and bloody war broke out. Hercules was a valid ally and, although injured, he managed to ensure victory. However, something tragic and unexpected happened in the heat of the battle: by accident, Hercules struck Ion who lost his life on the battlefield in this way.

The body was laid out in a coffin and sent out to the sea that the young Ion had so loved. From that moment on, the sea took his name, becoming what we know as the Ionian sea